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We welcome you cordially on our website and are pleased to present you our breeding program with purebred Arabian Horses out of selected straight polish and egyptian bloodlines.

Some years ago we began to combine the polish lines, kept and bred by us over generations, with selected Egyptians and are more than inspired by the successful results.

Don't hesitate to contact us for closer information and if you are interested to purchase a horse.

We are gladly at your disposal.

Update: 7.3.2019

Breeding & Race

Apart from the presentation of our young and breeding horses we are anxious to show you also the joy these noble horses prepare daily to us.

On the racecourse they prove staying power and strength of will, while daily handling their humans turned nature and in the area their reliability.

Our breeding of Arabian Horses concentrates on the preservation and improvement of a perfect character and performance-ready horses, variable applicable in sport and show.